The Ethics Committee

The Jerónimo Martins Group Ethics Committee impartially and independently monitors the disclosure of and compliance of the Code of Conduct and the Anti-Corruption Policy regarding the ethical principles that all Jerónimo Martins employees and companies must follow.




The Jerónimo Martins Ethics Committee is responsible for assessing the situations reported by the competent internal bodies and for analysing those which are submitted by any customer, employee or business partner.


The Committee also makes sure that an appropriate internal control system is in place to ensure compliance with the Jerónimo Martins Code of Conduct and Anti-Corruption Policy. Where warranted, the Ethics Committee is also responsible for reviewing internal procedures and rules related to its scope of activity.

Scope Of Activity

Jaroslaw Sobczyk


Pedro Maya

Voting member

Dominik Wolski

Voting member

Pedro Antunes

Voting member

Cristina Minoya Perez

Voting member

How we operate


the situations reported by the various parties, ensuring confidentiality and an open channel of communication to answer any questions related to the situation.


situations that are reported and based on obtained information, working together with the relevant internal departments and areas to issue our opinion.


opportunities for improvement and business indicators, encouraging internal discussions on the matter and share some of the best international practices.

We guarantee total confidentiality in the handling of all situations reported.

What we don’t do

We reserve the right to not respond to or interact with parties who are clearly acting in bad faith, submit inappropriate content, or who submit reports based on rationale that is clearly insufficient to be assessed.


We do not handle situations that fall outside the scope of our activity and mission.

As such, please visit the Jerónimo Martins Group Corporate Website and those of the respective Companies for contact information.