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How to contact us

Get to know the channels you can use to report your situation and the different stages of this process.

Steps And Description Of The Submission Process

Draft Your Report

In order for us to provide you with the most appropriate response, you must make sure that all information and/or documents related to your report are presented clearly, fully and objectively.

Report The Situation

To report a situation you will need to fill in the form available on the Report a Situation page.

The information you provide will help us to better understand the situation, in particular the respective country and company in question, whether it involves an customer, employee, supplier or other party, the type of situation you are reporting (complaint, request for information, suggestion or compliment), and a detailed description.

In addition to the mandatory fields, you can also attach up to five documents or photos.

Assessment And Response

When you present your situation, you will immediately receive a confirmation message.
It will later be the subject of a detailed and rigorous analysis, ensuring throughout the process the guarantees of confidentiality, privacy, impartiality, independence and protection against retaliation.

The Reporting Person will be assured of the appropriate information on the status and follow-up of the situation shared, in accordance with the Irregularity Reporting Policy, available below.

If you need further clarification about our Commission, its composition, mission or activities, as well as on the procedure for case analysis, we recommend consulting the following resources Frequent Asked Questions, Jerónimo Martins Code of Conduct, Jerónimo Martins Ethics Committee Regulation and Irregularities Reporting Policy.

Channels of communication

Whether you are a customer, employee, supplier or other party you are always free to report your situation to the Jerónimo Martins Ethics Committee via our website.

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This is the preferred channel of communication for reporting situations to the Jerónimo Martins Ethics Committee. It is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and is just a click away.

Report a Situation

Alternative Communication Channels:


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